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New Book in Spanish «Filosofía y ciencias humanas. Hacia un nuevo diálogo interdisciplinario.»



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On May 30, 2011, at the Institute of Philosophy of Austral University, the latest book by Father Francisco Leocata, «Filosofía y Ciencias Humanas», (Philosophy and Human Science) , was presented. The event was attended by a significant and distinguished audience, including authorities from UCA (Catholic University of Argentina) and UNSTA (University of the North Santo Tomás de Aquino).

The presenter, Gabriel Zanotti, highlighted that «Father Francisco Leocata has been systematically developing a philosophical proposal over the years that can help in the search for a unifying criterion for the human sciences.» To achieve this, Zanotti mentioned that Father Leocata «elaborates a proposal where Husserl’s phenomenology, reinterpreted from the perspective of the act of being of the self in Saint Thomas, serves as a fundamental orientation for the grounding and epistemology of the human sciences.»

Zanotti emphasized that among the main contributions of the book, in addition to the two classical reductions by Husserl, is the «vital reduction.» This reduction takes into account the richness of human experience, allowing for a psychological reflection that doesn’t confuse itself with an «ultimate foundation» for psychology. The aim is to provide classical contents related to spirituality, intentionality, and corporeality without absorbing the relative autonomy of more specific psychological topics.

Following the presentation, Father Leocata answered questions from the audience, and the event concluded with a reception.

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