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Six professors at the VI Latin American Congress of Science and Religion



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An interdisciplinary group of six professors from the University participated in the VI Latin American Congress of Science and Religion, organized by the University of Oxford and the Pan-American University, the host institution for the event. The Congress was considered the most important in the field organized in the region to date. It featured guest speakers from various universities around the world and accepted contributions from 13 countries. The presentations by the University’s invited professors, grouped within the Philosophy, Science, and Religion research group at the Institute of Philosophy, included:

  1. «Darwin and the Naturalization of Religion» by Mariano Asla, Faculty of Biomedical Sciences.
  2. «Faith, Reason, and Superstition» by Alejandro Clausse, Faculty of Engineering.
  3. «Indeterminism and Contemporary Science: New Horizons in the Determinism Debate» by Claudia Vanney, Institute of Philosophy.
  4. «The Relationship between Science and Religion in Journalism and Its Output» by Esteban Pittaro, Communication Directorate, Faculty of Communication.
  5. «The Notion of Life: A Bridge for Dialogue between Science and Religion» by Ignacio del Carril, Institute of Philosophy.
  6. «What Can Neuroscience Say About Religion?» by Ángela Suburo, Faculty of Biomedical Sciences.

The Congress was made possible through the collaboration of the British Council and the John Templeton Foundation, organizations that provided support for accommodations, transportation, and honoraria for the invited speakers.

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