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Since May 20, the seminar “Philosophical Theology: Arguments in Favor of the Existence of God and Objections Against It” was conducted by Professor Dr. Ignacio Garay.

The question that deals with the existence of God has been of central importance throughout the history of philosophy. Innumerable philosophers have presented a great variety of proofs and arguments for and against. However, in addition to being a classic issue, this topic has not lost a bit of topicality. Proof of this is the prominent place that usually occupies in research on the relationship between science and religion, so fashionable now.

For all this, the main characteristic of this course has been to develop and analyze some of the main philosophical arguments in favor of the existence of God and some of the most common objections against it from the reading and discussion of the texts and videos of the thinkers who have formulated them.

This seminar is offered within the framework of the Program of Humanistic Studies, which seeks to promote the permanent training of teachers of the University, and had the participation of several teachers from different faculties.

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