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The XXIV Conference on Epistemology and History of Science



Autor: IF

As in previous years, from October 17th to 19th, 2013, the Conference on Epistemology and History of Science, organized by the Logical-Epistemological Area of the School of Philosophy and the Research Center of the Faculty of Philosophy and Humanities of the National University of Córdoba, took place. The event was held, in keeping with tradition, at the I.O.S.E hotel in La Falda, Córdoba.

The Institute of Philosophy attended the conference. Alan Heiblum, a FONCyT fellow, presented a paper titled «Epistemology of Deep Time: The Case of Archaeoastronomy.» Juan Francisco Franck and Agustina Lombardi co-authored the paper «Libet’s Experiments and the Possibility of Measuring Consciousness,» in which they discussed the experiments of the American neuroscientist who claims to demonstrate that every freely voluntary act is initiated unconsciously by the subject through brain processes before becoming aware of the decision to do so. Since Libet himself argues that to make his results relevant, two experimental problems need to be resolved, they sought to demonstrate that both issues remain open.

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