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The Launch of the Humanities Studies Program at Universidad Austral



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From the Office of Academic Affairs of the University, the launch of the Humanities Studies Program has been promoted as a Teacher Training Career proposal exclusive for professors from all academic units of Austral University. The Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs explained that the curriculum of this program is structured around three main axes and aims to «strengthen and harmonize the scientific, pedagogical, and humanistic training of professors, as well as promote interdisciplinary studies.»

To obtain the Higher Diploma in Humanities Studies, professors must complete four mandatory courses and accumulate twenty-eight credits with elective courses. «It is a unified yet flexible program because it opens up the possibility to delve deeper into topics that have a greater impact on the field of teaching and research,» commented.

The Teaching Career is designed as continuous training for university professors. Professors will typically complete the program over the course of their entire academic career, attending one or two seminars each year. However, those who wish can finish it more quickly because the annual offering of seminars is extensive. This year, for example, there are more than 30 seminars offered in both in-person and virtual formats, taught by University professors and relevant guest professors from foreign universities.

Pedagogical-Didactic Axis

The pedagogical-didactic axis seeks to «enlighten the daily practice of teachers through the correct use of teaching strategies and techniques.» Those interested in obtaining the diploma will need to earn at least ten credits with courses from this axis. This year’s offering includes seminars such as «Education, Family, and Society,» «Key Aspects of Contemporary Pedagogy,» «The Family as a Community,» «Didactic Issues,» «New Technologies Applied to Education,» and «Interactive Learning and Case Method.»

Scientific Axis

Regarding the scientific axis, the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs stated that «it aims to help teachers improve their mastery of their specific field of study and action.» In this sense, she explained that tools will be provided for professors to refine how they produce and generate new knowledge through «the inclusion of curricular paths related to scientific research methodologies.»

In addition to seminars linked to the specific disciplines of each field of study, Dr. Jaime Nubiola will teach a seminar on Philosophical Methodology in August.

Philosophical Foundation Axis

One of the requirements for obtaining the diploma is to earn at least ten credits by participating in seminars from the philosophical foundation axis. These seminars aim to «add depth to various disciplines, fostering a close connection between the humanities and experimental and social sciences.» Furthermore, «the subjects of this axis aim to create an environment for study and discussion at the University that may become a seedbed for interdisciplinary research,» she explained.

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