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The Brain and the Personal Self. New interdisciplinar research project



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Are we just our brain? Which neuroscientific discoveries enlighten our understanding of the human person in a novel way? Is the study of the brain and of the mind sufficient to account for the openness of man to God?

In March 2016 the Philosophy Institute started a new 3-year interdisciplinary research project: The Brain and the Personal Self. Can advances in neuroscience enlighten the notion of person? The project will address different issues at the intersection of neuroscience, psychology, philosophy and theology.

The project foresees the monthly seminar Person, Mind and Brain and two Interdisciplinary Research Weeks, to be held in August 2017 and 2018. The goal of these meetings is to foster a positive, constructive and productive interaction between scientists and humanists, which will serve as a basis for academic scholarship. It also includes the publication of a popular science book and the production of three short videos to help disseminate the results of the investigations to a broad audience.

The project is partially funded with a grant from the Templeton World Charity Foundation, Inc. Click here for more information about the project and its different activities.

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