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Study Group on Divine Special Action – The Problem of Pain



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Drs. Mariano Asla (FCB-IF) and Omar Pivetta (FCB) have secured a grant as part of the project on Divine Special Action from the Ian Ramsey Centre for Science and Religion at the University of Oxford. This grant is intended to establish an interdisciplinary study group (Cluster Group) within the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences.

The project’s primary objective is to assemble and train an interdisciplinary group of professionals to engage in discussions concerning the specific scientific, philosophical, and theological issues that arise when religious faith in an omnipotent and benevolent God is confronted with the problem of pain and suffering. The group consists of distinguished academics from the fields of medicine, nursing, philosophy, and theology.

In a broader sense, the project acknowledges the backdrop of the so-called problem of evil, but it will particularly focus on its implications regarding the concept of Divine Special Action. The project will scrutinize and debate possible relationships between theological notions such as special providence, inspirations, miracles, and graces — which are divine interventions explicitly aimed at the fullness of life — and the inescapable experiences of illness and suffering.

The planned activities include group meetings and two short seminars led by two guest professors: Agustín Echavarría from the University of Navarra and Eleonore Stump from the University of Saint Louis.

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