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Seminar on Epistemology of Religion



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As part of the «LATAM Bridges in the Epistemology of Religion» project, conducted by the University of Houston, a seminar on the epistemology of religion was held between July 17 and July 31, 2022. This project, directed by Luis Oliveira, aims to build connections between North American and Latin American philosophers engaged in the field of epistemology of religion.

IFTwenty-two young scholars from universities in Brazil, Chile, and Argentina participated in this seminar. We also had the presence of eight professors from various American universities who addressed diverse topics within the realm of epistemology of religion. Throughout the sessions, dialogue and exchange were fostered between the North American academics and the participants. During the first week, Blake Roeber (Notre Dame) and Julia Staffel (UC Boulder) spoke about evidence and agnosticism, while Charity Anderson (Baylor) and Alejandro Pérez Carballo (UMass) explored the themes of testimony and disagreement. In the second week, Kelly Clarke James (Ibn Haldun University) and Katia Vavova (Mount Holyoke) discussed science and debunking arguments, and Maura Priest (Arizona State), along with John Greco (Georgetown), remotely engaged in topics related to agency and virtues.

Additionally, there were two public lectures delivered by Ignacio Silva, a local co-organizer of the seminar, on «What is Science-Engaged Thomism?» and by Claudia Vanney on «Intellectual Virtues for Interdisciplinary Research in Science and the Big Questions.»

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