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“Philosophy and the Natural Sciences” – Online course



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Since April 22, the virtual seminar “Philosophy and the Natural Sciences” is being carried out by Professor Dr. Olimpia Lombardi.


The final purpose of the course consists in the development of a critical thinking that allows not only to discriminate the diverse philosophical perspectives from which the contemporary problems of different scientific disciplines are faced, but even, in some cases, to adopt own positions in favor of a another perspective

For this purpose, this 35-hour workload has been designed, structured in four modules:

  • Philosophy of Physics (by Dr. Sebastian Fortin)
  • Philosophy of Chemistry (by Dr. Juan Camilo Martínez González)
  • Philosophy of Biology (by Dr. Mariana Córdoba)
  • Philosophy of Formal Sciences (by Dr. Federico Holik)

This seminar is offered within the framework of the Humanistic Studies Program, which seeks to promote the permanent training of the University professors.

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