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New series of books: “De las ciencias a la filosofía”



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Many of the profound questions that have always been present in philosophical and theological reflection are now being addressed by contemporary science from new perspectives. But how can scientific and philosophical knowledge be complemented? The Institute of Philosophy at the Universidad Austral, in collaboration with Logos S.A., started a new book collection called «From Sciences to Philosophy» a year ago. The books in this collection aim to answer this question with the help of experts from various disciplines.

In July 2016, the fourth book in the collection was published. It is titled «Determinism or Indeterminism? Big Questions from the Sciences to Philosophy,» edited by Claudia E. Vanney and Juan F. Franck. The 543 pages that make it up are the result of three years of work, during which physicists, biologists, neuroscientists, and philosophers studied determinism in nature with an interdisciplinary perspective. Each of its eighteen chapters was co-authored by a scientist and a philosopher, aiming to address trigger questions that lead to various epistemological, ontological, or theological problems.

What is determinism predicated on: scientific theories or nature itself? What is meant by genetic determinism? Is the concept of personal freedom compatible with neuroscientific research? Does the origin of life require divine intervention? These are some of the questions addressed in this book, which represents an interdisciplinary effort with few precedents in the Spanish-speaking academic world.

The previous three titles are already available at Yenny in paperback and on Amazon in digital format. They include «The Evolution of Life on Earth: Science, Philosophy, Religion» by Miguel de Asúa, «Journeys Toward the Infinitely Small and the Infinitely Large» by Manuel Alfonseca, and «Does the Arrow of Time Exist? Ilya Prigogine: Between Science and Philosophy» by Olimpia Lombardi. More information can be found here.


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