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New book in Spanish: Viajes hacia lo infinitamente pequeño y lo infinitamente grande



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The second book of the Series De las Ciencias a la Filosofía has been published.

The worlds of the infinitely small and of the infinitely large, as distant from each other as they are, remain closely connected. Modern Cosmology, which deals with the origin and the end of the universe, cannot be explained without taking particle physics into account.

This book describes a double journey. It begins first from the human size towards the very smallest, crossing the limits of life and ending up in the building blocks of matter. The second part of the journey heads towards the planets, the starts and the galaxies, to reach the end of the universe, its origin and its possible end, as well as the most ardent question in modern physics, which remains unanswered: did anything happen before the Big Bang?

MANUEL ALFONSECA is a Doctor Engineer in Telecommunications and has a degree in Informatics. He worked twentytwo years for IBM, where he was Senior Technical Advisor. He has taught at the Universidad Complutense, at the Universidad Politécnica and the Universidad Autónoma, all in Madrid, where he has also been Ordinary Professor and Head of the Escuela Politécnica Superior. He has published around two hundred technical papers and has also written many popular science articles in La Vanguardia (Barcelona) and in several blogs, such as He has authored more than forty books on informatics, dissemination, historical novels, science fiction, and also for children and teenagers. For this last work he has been awarded the Premio Lazarillo 1988 and the Premio La Brújula de Valores 2012.

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