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Lights and shadows of transhumanism



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The Faculty of Biomedical Science with the Institute of Philosophy invite to the seminar “Lights and Shadows of Transhumanism”, on May 18th:


9:30 – “Lights and shadows of transhumanism”Mariano Asla (Universidad Austral).

9:55 – “Transhumanism and the future of medicine: unlimited? lawless?”Jorge Insúa (Universidad de Buenos Aires / Universidad Austral).

10:30 – “Genetics and reproduction at the dawn of the twenty-first century: truths and fiction”Omar Pivetta (Universidad Austral).

10:55 – “Transhumanism and Neuroscience. The human neural enhancement. Cognitive enhancement and affective manipulation. Difificulties around free will”Ángela María Suburo (CONICET-Universidad Austral).

Place of the seminar: Auditorium of the Faculty of Biomedical Science – Campus Pilar

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