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International Symposium on Human and Divine Providence



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The Institute of Philosophy hosted numerous international guests from September 17th to 19th during the «Human and Divine Providence Symposium.» Throughout the symposium, the aim was to provide an original response to the following question: Can the study of human providential actions illuminate our understanding of divine providence?

Philosophers, theologians, and psychologists came together to examine human providential action as a source of metaphors specifically tailored to the richness of personal action and, consequently, to the providence of a personal God.

Tim Pawl from St. Thomas University reflected on the interaction between human and divine providence. Neal Judisch from the University of Oklahoma and Ignacio Silva, a researcher from the Institute of Philosophy, explored the relationship between contingency and indeterminism and their connection to human and divine providence, respectively.

Connie Svob from the University of Columbia and Emily Reed from the University of Oxford presented psychological considerations related to memory and the notions of God’s activity in the world. Andrew Pinsent and Michael Burdett, both from the University of Oxford, considered the theme of grace and technology as supernatural and natural providence, respectively. Finally, Francisco O’Reilly from the Universidad de Montevideo and Craig Boyd from the University of St. Louis discussed the possibility of considering God as a person and the role of prudence as a condition of providence.

All of these scholars will contribute to the publication of a collective volume on Human and Divine Providence.

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