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“Hero” at the 48° Argentine Conference of Computing



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Dr Gabriela Robiolo, Austral University professor, Mariana Falco, doctoral student, and Dr Belén Mesurado, associate researcher of the Institute of Philosophy, presented the paper titled “Hero: A software for the promotion of prosocial behaviors of adolescents in a playful context”, at 48º Jornadas Argentinas de Informática (48º Argentine Conference of Computers) held in Salta, Argentina from the 16 to the 20 of September, 2019. The meeting gathered computer professionals interested in the development of new programs.

Here you can read the abstract:

The educational field is not only a teaching-learning space, but also seeks the integral improvement of the person, both individually and socially. The prosocial behavior is intended to improve the situation of the person receiving help. In this context, the objective of the article is to present the Hero software, which is the first intervention program for pro-sociality, which seeks to develop prosocial behavior by promoting socio-emotional variables: Empathy, Gratitude, Satisfaction, Forgiveness and social Commitment. The functionalities and interface, the logic of the game, and the current status of Hero will be described. Finally, future conclusions and guidelines will be described.

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