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First Master’s Thesis Defense at the Institute of Philosophy



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The defense of Gustavo Riesgo’s Master’s Thesis, titled «Entender o calcular. Aspectos Cognitivos del Aprendizaje de Máquina y el Lenguaje Natural,» (Understanding or Calculating: Cognitive Aspects of Machine Learning and Natural Language) took place on Wednesday, September 20th.

Gustavo successfully defended his thesis, receiving the highest grade. The work, supervised by Professor Juan José Sanguineti, demonstrates a remarkable interdisciplinary approach, combining expertise in Artificial Intelligence with a solid philosophical analysis. The thesis explores the challenges posed by recent developments in machine learning in relation to natural language and emphasizes the distinction between sign and meaning. It argues that, despite their increasing complexity, algorithms simulating understanding remain within the realm of signs and calculations, failing to grasp meaning. This defense marks an important milestone in Gustavo’s academic journey, setting the stage for potential future research in a doctoral thesis.

Congratulations to Gustavo on this significant achievement!

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