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Epistemology of Religion Seminar



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María Echevarría, research assistant of the Institute, participated in the seminar on Espistemology of Religion, organized by the LATAM Bridges in the Epistemology of Religion“, project of the University of Houston, which seeks to create bridges between Latin American and North American philosophers working in the epistemology of religion. This project, led by Luis Oliveira, is carried out thanks to a grant from the John Templeton Foundation.

The seminar took place from July 8 to 19, at the University of Brasilia, and was attended by 20 young academics from universities in Brazil, Chile and Argentina. It was carried out by eight academics from different American universities, which dealt with various themes of epistemology of religion. During the sessions, dialogue and exchange between North American academics and participants were encouraged. The first week Stephen Wykstra (Calvin) and Sanford Goldberg (Northwestern) talked about testimony, experience and rationality. On Thursday and Friday the sessions were conducted by Jane Friedman (NYU) and Andrew Moon (VCU), who discussed debunking arguments, disagreement and doubt. During the second week John Hawthorne (USC) and Agnes Callard (Chicago) worked on the issues of evidence, belief and values. Finally, Jason Baehr (LMU) and Miriam McCormick (Richmond) closed the seminar with sessions on epistemic virtues, epistemic responsibility and knowledge.

There were also two public conferences, given by Agnaldo Cuoco Portugal -local co-organizer of the seminar-, about “Villa-Lobos, the existence of God and Brazilian philosophy” and “Some problems with miracles.”

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