The value of Open-mindedness and intellectual humility for interdisciplinary research



Hora: 14:00 hs. (Arg.)

Modalidad: online

Orador: Nancy Snow (University of Kansas, US).

Academic research is increasingly centering on interdisciplinary work. Strong interdisciplinary research (SIR), involving researchers from very different fields, such as scientists and humanists, is often encouraged, if not required, by funding agencies.  I argue that two intellectual virtues, open-mindedness and intellectual humility, are crucial for overcoming obstacles to SIR and achieving success. In part I, I provide a primer on intellectual virtue and the two virtues in question. In part II, I distinguish SIR from weak interdisciplinary research (WIR), which involves research teams from neighboring fields, such as physics and chemistry, and from disciplinary research (DR), which involves researchers from the same discipline. I also outline what counts as success in SIR, and explain why it’s more challenging to attain than in WIR and DR. In part III, I explain how both intellectual virtues are essential for achieving success in SIR and for overcoming obstacles that can arise in its pursuit.


The seminar comprises 8 monthly meetings, held via Zoom, spanning from March to November, with an estimated total dedication of 16 hours. For inquiries and registration, interested individuals should contact

It is important to note that the seminar will be conducted in English.