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The Problem of Evil and the Desires of the Heart



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Eleonore Stump the Robert H. Henle professor of Philosophy at the University of Saint Louis (USA), where she teaches since 1992. Professor Stump has an extensive list of publications in the areas of Philosophy of Religion, Contemporary Metaphysics, and Medieval philosophy. She is a former President of the Society of Christian Philosophers, of the American Catholic Philosophical Association, and of the American Philosophical Association (Central Division); and is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. She has been a lecturer at the prestigious Gifford Lectures (Aberdeen, 2003), Wilde Lectures (Oxford, 2006), and Stewart Lectures (Princeton, 2009).

On Tuesday May 24 she delivered the open lecture “The Problem of Evil and the Desires of the Heart” in the Amphitheatre of the School of Biomedical Sciences (Campus Pilar).

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