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The ‘Persons and their Brains’ Congress by the Ian Ramsey Centre at the University of Oxford



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Professors Juan Francisco Franck and Ángela Suburo participated in the «Persons and their Brains» congress organized by the Ian Ramsey Centre at the University of Oxford, United Kingdom.

Dr. Suburo presented a paper co-authored with Dr. Nora Grañana titled «Persons and Executive Functions of the Brain.» Meanwhile, Dr. Franck delivered a presentation on «The Mereological Fallacy and the Subject of Freedom.» The University’s representation was the only one from Argentina at the conference.

The objective of the Congress was to examine the relevance of neuroscience and philosophy in modern society, as well as the theoretical and practical implications of what can be termed a «neuroculture.»

The presence of Professors Suburo and Franck at the Congress is part of the research line on Determinism and Freedom conducted by the Institute of Philosophy at the Universidad Austral.

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