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Professor Sanguineti’s Visit



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Between August 1st and August 12th, we had the pleasure of hosting Professor Juan José Sanguineti, an associate researcher of the «The Brain and the Person» project, and a Philosophy of Knowledge professor at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross (Rome). On August 2nd and 4th, Professor Sanguineti conducted a seminar titled «Convictions and Certainties» as part of the Humanistic Studies Program, addressing important questions in the philosophy of knowledge, such as the notion of truth, compatibility between epistemic levels, and intellectual virtues and vices.

On August 3rd, Professor Sanguineti delivered an open lecture on «Mind, Brain, and Soul» at the Pilar Campus, which was attended by approximately 65 individuals interested in the topic.

Finally, on Thursday, August 11th, he led the third meeting of the seminar «Person, Mind, and Brain» at the Institute of Philosophy, delivering an open lecture titled «Neurosciences and Anthropology,» organized in collaboration with the University of Santo Tomás de Aquino. It was an inspiring session attended by approximately 60 scholars and 50 students. This event was recorded, and we will soon upload the video in this same space.

We appreciate Dr. Sanguineti’s visit and look forward to enjoying his seminars again in the near future.

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