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The Doctoral Program in Philosophy at the University of Navarra aims to train researchers and university professors in accordance with the characteristics of European doctoral programs.

Through an agreement signed between the Universidad Austral and the University of Navarra in January 1995, it is possible to undertake the Doctoral Courses at Universidad Austral corresponding to the teaching period of the Doctoral Program in Philosophy at the University of Navarra. In September 2008, a new cycle of Doctoral Courses corresponding to the 2008-2010 teaching period began at Universidad Austral.

This doctoral program is intended to provide an opportunity for individuals in Buenos Aires who are embarking on a path of scientific research to engage with renowned scholars in various philosophical disciplines from the University of Navarra, Argentinean universities, and other European and American academic institutions.




Academic Director of the Program at Universidad Austral

Dr. Laura Corso de Estrada

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