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Ensayos de Metafisicas
Ensayos de metafísica | Una aproximación desde Sócrates y el neoplatonismo cristiano

The spirit of these Essays on Metaphysics is summed up in the book’s subtitle: Socrates and Christian Neoplatonism are the constant referents -implicit or explicit- of all its pages. The underlying idea is that the so-called “modernity” has committed a “philosophical sin against the spirit”, which consists in having forgotten that the method of thinking is contained in the word “philosophy”, “love of knowledge or wisdom”. “Pure reason” without love is as blind as “pure love” without reason.

This volume brings together the mature fruit of the author’s reflections on the perennial validity of metaphysical thought. The Institute of Philosophy of the Austral University publishes this work in homage and gratitude to Professor Alvira for his penetrating contributions to Philosophy, from which so many universities in Spain and Latin America have benefited.

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persona y comunidad
Persona y Comunidad - Una Propuesta desde Alasdair MacIntyre

Juan Martín Fernández, Logos - Universidad Austral, 2017, 107 pp.

Can human beings develop without counting on the local communities in which their lives take place? How can local communities prosper based on the individual good and the common good? From the thought of Alasdair MacIntyre we were able to find the answers to these questions.
In this work we will explain that both personal development and community development imply a certain ethical-political proposal: the ethics of virtues and the politics of local communities.

JUAN MARTÍN FERNÁNDEZ has a degree in Political Science (UBA) and a PhD in Political Science (University of Granada). He has specialized in issues of political philosophy and social inclusion. He is currently an institutional developer for the Buen Consejo school, an educational and inclusive project with Villa 21 in Barracas, Buenos Aires, Argentina.