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Interdisciplinary Research: Science, Philosophy, and Theology in Dialogue



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In the framework of the final conference “The Place of the Person in the Cosmos” organized by the Ian Ramsey Center for Science and Religion of the University of Oxford (capstone event of the project “Science, Philosophy and Theology in Latin America“), Juan Francisco Franck gave the plenary lecture “Interdisciplinary Research: Science, Philosophy and Theology in Dialogue“.JFF Chile

In his lecture, Dr Franck presented the interdisciplinary work being done at the Philosophy Institute since its inception in 2008. He emphasized the attitudes of openness and intellectual humility, and the activities that contribute most to this work, such as the monthly seminar and the interdisciplinary research weeks, of which four have been carried out so far. He emphasized the methodology of the workshops, which poses the same question to a scientist and a philosopher or theologian, so that each one seeks to answer it from their discipline. He also presented several projects (Determinism and Indeterminism, Spanish Interdisciplinary Dictionary, The Brain and the Personal Self) jointly funded by Austral University and the John Templeton Foundation and the Templeton World Charity Foundation . The presentation particularly emphasized the importance of the project based at the University of Oxford for the consolidation and expansion of the activity of the Philosophy Institute.

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