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Claudia Vanney y Juan F. Franck won an Expanded Reason Award



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After receiving 367 works from 170 universities and over 30 countries, an international jury selected Claudia Vanney and Juan F. Franck’s book ¿Determinismo o indeterminismo? Grandes preguntas de las ciencias a la filosofía (Determinism or indeterminism? Big questions from the sciences to philosophy) for the Expanded Reason Award in the research category. The Award, given by the University Francisco de Vitoria and the Vatican Foundation Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI, rewards researchers who have shown the best capacity to broaden the horizons of reason, through an active dialogue among the sciences, philosophy and theology.

The Awards ceremony will take place at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences in Vatican City on September 27th.

The book, Determinism or indeterminism? Great questions from science to philosophy, is the result of a collaborative work between physicists, biologists, neuroscientists, philosophers and theologians from over 15 universities in 6 different countries. During the years 2013-2015 the editors promoted several activities focused on the discussion concerning determinism in nature, delving into the epistemological, anthropological and meaning-of-life questions. The researching itinerary that was put to the test led to a broadening of the scientific horizon in favor of a transdisciplinary perspective that included theology and philosophy. This book is the outcome of these efforts. Each chapter was co-written by a scientist and a philosopher who pursued the dialogue until an integrated text was reached.

More information here.

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