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New Book in Spanish «La evolución de la vida en la Tierra»



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On Monday, August 1st, the book presentation of «The Evolution of Life on Earth: Science, Philosophy, and Religion» by Miguel de Asúa took place. This book will be the first in the Collection «From Sciences to Philosophy,» published by the Institute of Philosophy.

«The Evolution of Life on Earth» provides an up-to-date overview of the controversies surrounding evolution in the three major areas of science, philosophy, and theology. The analysis, rigorous yet presented in a reader-friendly manner, guides the reader through the labyrinth of contemporary evolutionary debates, particularly in relation to Christian thought.

In the author’s view, Darwin’s theory is an enriching stimulus for Christian theology and a case in point that, from a philosophical perspective, the thesis of conflict between science and religion is a false dilemma.

Miguel de Asúa holds a Doctor of Medicine degree from UBA, a Bachelor’s degree in Theology from UCA, a Master’s degree in History and Philosophy of Science, and a Doctorate in History from the University of Notre Dame. He serves as the Principal Researcher at CONICET and is a full member of the National Academy of Sciences of Buenos Aires and the National Academy of History. He teaches at UNSAM and UCA and is also a professor of Science and Religion at the Colegio Máximo de San Miguel. Among his numerous publications, «Facing Darwin: The Theory of Evolution and Christianity» (2009) stands out.

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