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Master’s in Government and Organizational Culture from the University of Navarra at Universidad Austral.



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The Master’s in Government and Organizational Culture aims to train professionals interested in the management of social, political, or business institutions, seeking to acquire a solid education for leadership in any social context. It is designed for those interested in gaining deep and interdisciplinary knowledge about society itself. This is accomplished through the delivery of doctoral-level courses and the promotion of research. Its ultimate goal is to educate individuals who, from their leadership positions, contribute to solving the problems posed by the growing complexity of our society, especially – although not exclusively – those related to integrating business and economic activity into civil society.

The Master’s program was offered in 2010 and 2011 at the Universidad Austral through an agreement with the University of Navarra, featuring the same teaching staff as in Spain. Currently, participants are in the process of developing their Master’s theses.

Once they have completed and successfully passed the «Government and Organizational Culture» Master’s program, students will hold 60 ECTS credits from an official European Postgraduate program, making them eligible to apply for admission to a doctoral program, provided they meet the other requirements set by the program


Academic Director of the Program at the Universidad Austral.

Dra. Alejandra Vanney

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