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Latin American Congress on Philosophy of Natural and Cognitive Sciences



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In order to foster dialogue among philosophy, natural and cognitive sciences, and religious and theological thought within the Spanish-speaking academic community, the Philosophy Institute of Universidad Austral invites postgraduate theses and postdoctoral researchers from across the region to submit papers for presentation at the Latin American Congress of Philosophy of Natural and Cognitive Sciences.

Many issues that philosophy has traditionally engaged with now demand a reevaluation in light of contemporary scientific discoveries. This reevaluation, concerning both fundamental matters related to science in general and its implications for broader human concerns, has long been debated within the Anglo-Saxon academic realm. This congress aspires to provide an opportunity to cultivate such discussions within Spanish-speaking Latin America.

Presentations, lasting 15 minutes with an additional 15 minutes allotted for discussion, should center around interdisciplinary topics within the following thematic areas:

Philosophical foundations of the natural sciences Epistemology of interdisciplinary research Philosophy of the self and cognitive sciences Philosophy of religion Virtues and character Cognitive sciences Moral psychology Ethical considerations surrounding science and technology

Those wishing to submit a presentation for potential inclusion in the program must write to before October 15, 2021, attaching an abstract of the presentation ranging from 300 to 500 words. They should include the presentation title, academic affiliation (specifying if participating as a thesis candidate or postdoctoral researcher), and the preferred thematic area for presentation.

Acceptance notifications will be sent out by October 31, 2021.

The congress will be held in person, with only the presenters in attendance; remote streaming presentations will not be accepted. Registration is free (lunch must be paid for in advance), and certificates of attendance will be provided.

For inquiries, please contact the Philosophy Institute at

Download the PDF for distribution.

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