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Interview with Dr. Ignacio Silva: Science and Religion Project in Latin America



Autor: IF

Dr. Ignacio Silva, a researcher at the Ian Ramsey Centre at the University of Oxford, visited the Institute of Philosophy at the University to collaborate with the directors of the «Determinism and Indeterminism: From the Philosophy of Religion» project. Additionally, during his visit, Professor Silva explained the scope of his project «Science and Religion in Latin America,» which resonated significantly with the university’s professors in the region.

«Determinism and Indeterminism: From Science to Philosophy in the Spanish-speaking Academic Community» is a three-year project aimed at fostering dialogue among physicists, biologists, neuroscientists, philosophers, and theologians to study the impact of new scientific discoveries on topics related to the determinism/indeterminism of nature. The project’s activities include a monthly research seminar and three intensive Interdisciplinary Research Weeks in which Dr. Silva will participate.


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