Intellectual Honesty



Hora: 14:00 hs. (Arg.)

Modalidad: online

Orador: Christian B. Miller (Wake Forest University, US).

Until recently, almost nothing had been written about the moral virtue of honesty in the past 50 years of Western analytic philosophy. Slowly, this is beginning to change. But moral honesty is not the only kind of honesty there is. In this paper, I focus specifically on the intellectual cousin to moral honesty, and offer a preliminary account of its behavioral and motivational dimensions. The account will be centered on not intentionally distorting the facts as the person takes them to be, for one of a variety of intellectually virtuous motivating reasons.

The seminar comprises 8 monthly meetings, held via Zoom, spanning from March to November, with an estimated total dedication of 16 hours. For inquiries and registration, interested individuals should contact

It is important to note that the seminar will be conducted in English.