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“From the Brain to the Self” – Call for Grants



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The Philosophy Institute of Universidad Austral offers three grants to participate in the Interdisciplinary Research Week “From the Brain to the Self”, that will be held in Buenos Aires, from July 31st to August 3rd of 2017, sponsored by the Templeton World Charity Foundation, as part of the project “The Brain and the Personal Self. Can advances in neuroscience enlighten the notion of person?”.

We will give 3 grants of up to $ 1,500 each to help cover travel and lodging expenses in Buenos Aires. Those interested in attending should send their application by May 12th, 2017 to with the following documentation:

a) letter of intention;
b) complete resume;
c) current academic affiliation in a Spanish speaking Latin American university;
d) names of two people of reference.

The decision will be published by May 31st.

The postulants to the grants may be PhD students, recent PhD, and academics researching the areas of cognitive science, philosophy, or theology, whose research projects show an explicit interest in interdisciplinary research in cognitive science and philosophy/theology.

We will select the best three applications according to: 1) the relevance of the subjects studied by the candidates, according to the topics taht will be discussed in the Interdisciplinary Research Week, and 2) the academic curricula of the candidates (publications, teaching experience, participation in academic meetings).

More information available on the web site of the project:

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