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Expanded Reason Conference: «The human being in contemporary science»



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On May 23 and 24, 2022, the V Expanded Reason Conference “The human being in contemporary science” took place at Francisco de Vitoria University (Madrid, Spain). During the Congress’ opening, María Lacalle, the director of the Expanded Reason Institute, emphasized the current world’s need for a more humane approach to science and the importance of working towards unity in knowledge.

During her speech, she said that there is a great responsibility in today’s world to make science more human and to work for the unity of knowledge without avoiding difficulties. He referred to John Paul II when he exhorted to study serious contemporary problems such as human dignity, the promotion of justice, the protection of nature, the search for peace and a new economic order that better serves the community. Research, in his view, must go to the root of the problems by seeking creative solutions.

Two researchers from the Philosophy Institute participated in this Congress. Mariano Asla presented his work titled «The Psychological Construct of Identity Crisis as an Interpretive Key for Transhumanism,» while Juan Francisco Franck spoke about «Michael Tomasello’s Ontogenetic Theory.»

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