Empersonal research practices: Getting to know our interdisciplinary collaborators



Hora: 14:00 hs. (Arg.)

Modalidad: online

Orador: Katherine Sweet (University of Notre Dame, US).

Collaborative research is quite common in contemporary society; indeed, it may be thought that scientists cannot live without it. Yet, it seems difficult to engage in good interdisciplinary collaboration when research methods and background assumptions often differ widely. Katherine suggest that a disposition to inquire into another person is essential to good collaborative research. First, the meaning of "empersonal inquisitiveness" is explained and why it is important in interdisciplinary collaboration. Inquiring into a person serves as an important precursor to engaging in interdisciplinary collaboration, because it allows researchers to form shared frameworks and develop a shared plan for the research project. Then discuss social-cognitive mechanisms and their ability to generate knowledge of other persons. Explain how social cognition can allow persons to engage in truly collaborative projects, in particular by way of shared mental models and shared reasoning. The result is that empersonal inquisitiveness, when employed by potential research partners, produces important empersonal knowledge that advances collaborative research.


This seminar consists of 8 monthly meetings, via Zoom, from March to November, with an estimated total commitment of 16 hours. For inquiries and registration, please email filosofia@austral.edu.ar.

The seminar will be conducted in English.