Workshop | Contract Drafting


Duración: 30 hs. (2 months)
Modalidad: Online
Sede: Online - Vía Streaming


Main course objective

To learn and improve the student’s technique and style for drafting a contract in English, sharing experiences with fellow students through joint exercises and group work.  


Wednesdays from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., Buenos Aires time (GMT -3)

Specific course objectives

➤ To learn legal drafting technique and style for drafting a commercial contracts in English.  

➤ To achieve clearer and more effective clauses by sharing tips and tricks of the trade 

➤ To study the main aspects of certain specific commercial contracts and analyze their special clauses.

➤ To practice writing in class and at home.

➤ To discuss and analyze as a group the homework done by the students in a critical, constructive and enriching debate. 

➤ To study and apply international conventions on contract drafting and proofreading.  

➤ To learn about the doctrines and criteria of contract interpretation in common law jurisdictions. 

➤ To learn about and analyze cases from certain common law jurisdictions (USA and UK) that illustrate the concepts discussed in each class. 


The course is aimed at all those who wish to understand the structure of a commercial contract in English, with particular emphasis on its drafting and the analysis of certain clauses. This audience includes, among others, lawyers and analysts, members of company departments that deal with contracts, such as contract management, supply chain, compliance, etc. This course can also be extremely useful for certified translators specializing in legal documents and particularly in commercial contracts.

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