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Duración: 9 encuentros - 24 horas sincrónicas, 3 horas asincrónicas.
Modalidad: Online
Sede: Online - Vía Streaming

What is plain English?

Good legal writing is plain English.

Before the Plain English movement began over forty years ago, legal writing tended to confuse clients and alienate the public. The purpose of plain English is to write with more clarity and precision, always with the reader in mind, without sacrificing meaning and content. There is a commonly held assumption that legal writing cannot help being complicated. However, it should not differ, without good reason, from ordinary well-written English, readily understood by the lay person.

This third edition of Plain English Writing Skills for Lawyers course provides lawyers with a practical toolkit to communicate their expertise clearly, concisely and effectively, using the language of a modern lawyer.

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This course is entirely virtual with a combination of synchronous and asynchronous material. Asynchronous material will include videos and talks by experts in the field, as well as interactive tools such as surveys and Mentis. We will also invite a Guest Professor as we did in 2023.

Synchronous material will be interactive and include theoretical explanations and examples followed up by exercises to reinforce the concepts learnt. Exercises will be a combination of individual and collaborative.

Course objectives

Clients today do not want to read any document more than once. Plain English is a way of writing so that the client can understand on first reading what a lawyer writes. This plain English course will show lawyers how to:

➤ Write clearly in short sentences;

➤ Keep to the point, avoiding unnecessary phrases;

➤ Only use technical terms where necessary, and then explain them;

➤ Write with your audience in mind.

With all these techniques and more a lawyer’s clients will find it easier to understand them and work better together.


This course is for Spanish-speaking corporate lawyers with an upper-intermediate level of English who use the English language to communicate with their clients.

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