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Contemporary Ethical Debates» – Seminar from the Program of Humanistic Studies



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On March 25, the first meeting of the in-person version of the seminar «Contemporary Ethical Debates,» coordinated by Professor Soledad Paladino, took place within the Program of Humanistic Studies. This same seminar will be offered in a virtual asynchronous format starting in April for all University professors who wish to participate.

The complex contemporary landscape invites us to rediscover the value of Ethics as a safeguard for humanism and a compass towards the happiness that all people desire.

Within the mission of our University, this seminar aims to reflect on some highly relevant ethical issues that concern various disciplinary areas, such as law, politics, anthropology, the business world, health, and social communication.

It will be a great opportunity for us to learn together and enrich ourselves with the complementary perspectives of one another through fruitful exchanges.


  1. Natural law, law of practical reason. Professor: Soledad Paladino
  2. Ethical challenges of anthropotechnology. Professor: Mariano Asla
  3. Political ethics. Professor: Alejandro Williams Becker
  4. Contemporary moral currents. Professor: Carlos Massini Correas
  5. Ethics in social communications. Professor: Carlos Álvarez.
  6. Business ethics. Professor: Hector Rocha
  7. Conscience and morality: conscientious objection. Professor: Fernando Toller
  8. Bioethical issues. Professor: Agustín Silberberg

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