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Are We or Are We Not Our Brain? A Philosophical Essay



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JFFranck-Somos o no somos nuestro cerebro - Ctapa

A new volume of the collection “From science to philosophy” has been published. In this opportunity, Juan F. Franck helps us to think if we really are nothing more than the result of what happens in the labyrinth of our brain.

According to a widely spread conception, we are a toy of unconscious brain mechanisms, and what happens within our brains determines the whole of our experience and of our behavior. We should ask ourselves, however, if this is really so. Do we lack any control over our thought, our intentions and our behavior? The book is a philosophical contribution about the many findings in the field of neuroscience. The brain is certainly a fundamental organ in the life of the human being, but it does not constitute the whole of the person.

Available at Ediciones Logos.

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