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Anuario Filosófico has published the second issue of 2013. Associate Editor Dr. Claudia Vanney



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Debate on Determinism: New Perspectives from Contemporary Science

The journal of the Philosophy Department at the University of Navarra, Anuario Filosófico, has published its second issue of 2013.

The monographic issue, titled «El debate sobre el determinismo: nuevas perspectivas desde la ciencia contemporánea» (Debate on Determinism: New Perspectives from Contemporary Science), explores the fascinating contemporary discussion between determinism and indeterminism in various areas. This volume has Associate Editor Dr. Claudia Vanney, who holds a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Buenos Aires and a Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Navarra, combining key elements in her background to facilitate the dialogue between philosophy and science.

The question of determinism is highly relevant today, especially after a century during which certain scientific discoveries have challenged fundamental concepts such as human freedom, the internal structure of nature, or the origin of species. Therefore, rigorous and in-depth reflection is essential to avoid confusion. As the editor notes, «it is necessary to make a correct differentiation of epistemological, ontological, and methodological levels (…) to adequately address the recurring problem of reductionism.»

This issue features a total of six articles (five in Spanish and one in English) that approach the topic from quantum decoherence (Sebastian Fortin, Buenos Aires), the concept of possibility in contemporary physics (Olimpia Lombardi and Mariana Córdoba, Buenos Aires), neo-Aristotelian teleology (Andrew Pinsent, Oxford), systemic perspectives in biology (Marta Bertolaso, Rome), freedom (Juan José Sanguineti, Rome), and divine providence (Ignacio Silva, Oxford).

It also includes an In Memoriam for Professor Leonardo Polo, written by his disciple Fernando Múgica, who highlights him as a true master, not only as a philosopher for his ideas but also as a person for his care and attention to students and colleagues in the philosophy department, to which he contributed significantly from its early years. Finally, the volume concludes with fourteen book reviews of recently published works.




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