Seminar on International Politics



Hora: 20:00 hs. (Arg.)

Modalidad: online

Orador: Admisiones de Grado

This event will bring together distinguished experts and professionals in the field of international politics to discuss globally relevant topics.

Seminar Details:

  • Date: Thurssday May 30
  • Time: 20 h Argentina - Uruguay | 19 h Chile -Paraguay - Bolivia - Ecuador  | 18 h Perú - Colombia - Paises de Centroamérica 17 h.
  • ZOOM


✔︎ What is populism, and what it has to do with international politics?

Sofía Posleman, BA in Social Studies & Education. Academic Affairs Officer, Undergraduate Program

✔︎ Is there any solution to the conflict in the Middle East?

Said Chaya, PhD (Cand.) in International Relations. Chair, Center for Middle East Studies

✔︎ How does global governance impact our world?

Sofía del Carril, MA in Global Studies. Director, International Relations Graduate Program


Don't miss the opportunity to be part of this enriching discussion on international politics!