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Últ. actualización: 21/11/2023

Del Rio, Dolores

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I have been a post-doctoral research fellow at Peter B. Gustavson School of Business at the University of Victoria since July 2022, where I am currently working with Dr. Roy Suddaby. My primary research focuses on humanizing and dehumanizing processes in and around organizations. I am particularly interested in the symbolic, cultural, and emotional aspects of actors and organizational practices that can enable and disable new organizational models. My research projects recently focused on three main themes: life and death issues in organizations and organizational research; compassion, emotional dynamics and rules in organizing; and vulnerability recognition and violence.

I earned my doctorate at IAE Business School (Argentina) in Business Administration. My thesis entitled «Embodying Compassion: An ethnography to unfold vulnerability and corporeality in organized compassion» focused on understanding the role of vulnerability, rooted in embodiment and sensibility, informing compassion on both sides of compassion-based relationships.


Intereses de investigación primarios
Primary research interests

Teoría organizacional

Procesos de humanización / deshumanización en las organizaciones

Creación y descubrimiento de sentido

Sustentabilidad e Innovación Social

Métodos cualitativos: etnografía


Intereses de investigación secundarios
Secondary research interests

Educación en Management