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Últ. actualización: 23/12/2020

Cassol, Ignacio

El contenido de este perfil es responsabilidad exclusiva del docente investigador.


2020 – Paper “ISOGO: Functional annotation of protein-coding splice variants”. Scientific Reports, 10(1), 1-11.
2020 – Poster “Análisis piloto de microbiota humana en muestras argentinas-chilenas de origen fecal y de piel”. Granada. XI
Workshop Sociedad Española de Microbiota, Probióticos y Prebióticos.
2020 – Poster “Preliminary study of human microbiota in faecal and skin argentine-chilean samples”. Uruguay. XXII Congreso de
Bioingeniería y Jornadas de Ingeniería clínica. Submitted.
2019 – Poster “Integration of six computational methods to predict synthetic lethality”.
XII Jornadas de Investigación en Ciencias Experimentales y de la Salud de la Universidad de Navarra.
2019 – Paper “Measuring The Distance Between High-Level Models In A Reengineering Process”. University of Sindh Journal of
Information and Communication Technology. e-ISSN: 2523-1235.
2018 – present; Reviewer of the Journal University of Sindh Journal of Information and Communication Technology. ISSN: 2523-1235.
2017 – 2019 Program Committee of AIST (Analysis of Images, Social networks and Texts).
2017 Paper “A methodology to infer and refactor an object-oriented model from C applications”. Software: practice and
experience Journal. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1002/spe.2549
2017 Paper “M2K – An Approach for an Object-oriented Model of C Applications”. Proceedings of the 10th International
Conference on Evaluation of Novel Approaches to Software Engineering.
2013 Exposition about “Heuristics to obtain a high level model in structured programs” in the Congress “XI Jornadas de
Ciencias de la Computacion”, UNR, Argentina. The Congress is for researchers, profesionals and students of Computer
Science. I have presented my research subject.
2013 Presentation of a poster in the Summer school “Sotware Quality” of PASQI. Panamerican Software Quality Institute
(PASQI). Michigan University. The school had 80 hours with practical and theorical classes. The poster was related to to
my research subject.
2012 Presentation of my research subject. Laboratoire d´Informatique de Robotique et de Microélectrique de
Montpellier. France. I presented my research subject in a doctoral sympothium organized for the phd students of this
2012 Summer School in Software Engineering. Free University of Bozen – Italy. The school was about different topics: practical
and teorics.
2012 Presentation of the article “Development of a Methodology for implicit Object-Oriented Model in Procedural-based
Systems.” in CibSe 2012. The Congress is for PhD students. I introduced a state of art of software architecture
reconstruction approaches and I presented a brief of our research with a proposal of a methodology infer class model or
any upper abstraction level from structured code.