Seminar “Determinism and freedom”

bannerThe Seminar “Determinism and Freedom” gathers researchers from science and philosophy, who have an interest in interdisciplinary research, to discuss topics related to determinism and the problem of freedom.

The meetings intend to discuss the new challenges of contemporary science, fostering a thematic and terminological understanding among different scientific disciplines, philosophy and theology. Presentations last about 60 minutes, followed by extensive time for discussion. The Institute of Philosophy of Universidad Austral has been hosting this Seminar since 2010 (see previous seminars).

Time: 4 to 6 PM

Place: Classroom of the Philosophy Institute of Universidad Austral


2015 Seminars

30 apr 2015 The extended naturalism of Thomas Nagel Juan F. Franck
21 may 2015 How to naturalise ethics without denaturing morality? Mariano Asla
18 jun 2015 An approach to the philosophy of the body of Aquinas Gustavo Bitocchi
 24 sep 2015 Optimal experience or flow in Argentina Belén Mesurado
 22 oct 2015 Cognitive impariment in elder people: a research from a neuropsychological perspective Lina Grasso


2014 Seminars

6 may 2014Neuroscience and Education. Project “Little Teachers”Cecilia I. Calero
22 may 2014Time, Consciousness and BrainMartín Gutiérrez
12 jun 2014How to not lose control in a deterministic worldCarolina Sartorio
21 aug 2014Galileo should have been popperianGabriel Zanotti
11 sep 2014The Person and Science of ManFrancisco Leocata
16-17 oct 2014Big Questions. From Sciences to Philosophy and TheologyFaraday Seminar
17 nov 2014The Naturalization of Man? Prospects and PitfallsGeorg Gasser


2013 Seminars

25 apr 2013The conception of Time in Physics and PhilosophyAlan Heiblum
30 may 2013The mechanism of AntichyteraChristián C. Carman
27 jun 2013Perspectives on causality in Science and Philosophy (2ª part)Juan Pablo Roldán
29 aug 2013The indeterminism of Karl PopperJuan José Sanguineti
26 sep 2013Chance or whim of the Creator? Quantum reflections of Pascual JordanIgnacio del Carril
31 oct 2013The modal interpretations of quantum mechanics and the indeterminacy principle (2ª part)Olimpia Lombardi