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Session of the Permanent Seminar on the Dialogue between Science and Religion, UPAEP, México

SICF_Noviembre_2014wThe Center for Studies on Science and Religion from the UPAEP has the pleasure to invite you to the last session of 2014 of the Permanent Seminar on the Dialogue between Science and Religion, which will take place in the Central Campus of the UPAEP (Puebla, Mexico) on November 22nd.

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Conferences at the University of Montevideo

gasser umThe research project “Identidad personal y vida después de la muerte” (Personal Identity and the Afterlife), from the Department of Philosophy of the University of Montevideo invites you to the lectures “De qué hablamos cuando hablamos de Dios”, by Guillermo Hurtado, on November 20 th and “Filosofía analítica de la religión. Una breve introducción”, by Georg Gasser, no November 21 st, at 7 PM.

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 VIII Latinamerican Conference on Science & Religion

Congreso Afiche (2)

On October 20-22 the VIII Latinamerican Conference on Sciencie & Religion will take place, in the Rabinic Seminar Marshall T. Meyer, in 1750 José Hernández st., Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The Conference aims to generate dialogue among scientists, theologians and philosophers, on the human dignity and the respect for the enviroment.
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Seminar: “Big Questions: from Science to Philosophy and Theology”


On October 16-17 professors from the Faraday Institute for Science and Religion of the University of Cambridge will visit Universidad Austral to give this seminar, toghether with Argentinean researchers.

The meeting will gather toghether phisicists, engineers, cosmologists, biologists, neuroscientists, philosophers and theologians in the common effort to bridge the gap between discoveries in contemporary science and philosophical and theological thought.

Where: Auditorium of the Edificio de Grados. Pilar Campus.

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60 Questions on Science and Faith

300x457_portada_ciencia_y_fe.psd_60 preguntas sobre ciencia y fe” is the title of the book written by 26 professors and researchers of Spain and Latin America, from 13 different universities, that intends to refute the so called incompatibility between Science and Religion that some reduccionist scientists defend. It will be for sale from September 30th, edited by Stella Maris publishers.

Quantum physics, statistics, cosmology, biology, neuroscience, among others, are the subjects that the various specialists developed to defend an “at least as legitimate as the atheist” position.




Hasok Chang

On August 5th, 2013 at 11 AM, Prof Hasok Chang, one of the most renowned philosophers of Science today, will deliver a lecture “A Case for Pluralism in Science” in the Faculty of Natural Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires, at the classroom 6 (Basement) Pavilion 2 of Ciudad Universitaria. The lecture is organised by the “Group of Philosophy of Science” of the Faculty of Natural Sciences led by Olimpia Lombardi, researcher of the “Determinism amd Indeterminism” project.




Quarentibus, journal edited by Universidad Popular Autónoma del Estado de Puebla (UPAEP), has published two articles from academic members of the project “Determinism and Indeterminism: From Science to Philosophy”. “La religión como un fenómeno natural:¿Apoyan las explicaciones evolutivas al ateísmo?, by Mariano Asla and Cristián Carman; and “De Popper a Santo Tomás de Aquino y vuelta: sobre el orden del Universo”, by Gabriel Zanotti, are accessible in this link.

Latin America


The Center for Studies in Science and Religion (CECIR-UPAEP) and the Faraday Institute for Science and Religoin (St. Edmund’s College, University of Cambridge) invite to the Mid-Conference on Science and Religion: Cosmological Models and the Laws of the Universe – Scientific Truth and Theological Perspective.

May 13-14, 2013. This course will discuss how cosmology can be understood from both a scientific and theological perspective. It will be held at UPAEP, Puebla



Conference on the role of Philosophy in the relationship between Science and Faith, for the St. Tomas Aquinae festivity, in the Facultad Eclesiástica de Filosofía, Universidad de Navarra. Pamplona, January 31st, 2013.

Dr. Juan Arana. Academic from the University of Sevilla.

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