Interdisciplinary research weeks

Between 2013 and 2015 three “Interdisciplinary Research Weeks” will be held, during which we will discuss topics related to physics, biology and neurosciences. In each Week there will be two plenary lectures open to the general public, one ten-hour seminar for academics as well as a research workshop.

Throughout the Weeks the following activities will be organized: 1) two plenary lectures open to the general public; 2) a ten-hour seminar for academics; 3) a Workshop for researchers who are working at present on this issue, in science, philosophy or theology.

The Workshops intend to foster high level interdisciplinary research and consist of six working sessions, two every day. Six especially chosen questions will act as small research sub-projects. Each question will engage a pair of academics of different disciplines. The first day, philosophers will challenge scientists as to the epistemological foundations of science. The following day, scientists will pose questions to philosophers regarding the ontological foundations of their sciences. On the third day, philosophers and theologians will be asked by scientists about the origin of the universe and about God’s providence in nature.

Each working session will stick to the following methodology. The first speaker will outline the status quaestionis, propose a possible answer from his discipline and clear the way to a complementary vision, from the viewpoint of his partner. The respondent will evaluate the contributions of the first presentation, propose a possible answer from his discipline and lead to the discussion with the audience. The session will then remain open to questions and comments from the participants.

The total number of participants in the workshops should not exceed 25-30, including speakers and audience. Participation in the Workshop will be only by invitation. However, we have reserved three places for Latin American PhD candidates and academics who would like to participate in the Week. All participants will receive a selection of recent bibliography (two or three articles or chapters of books for each question) and will be asked to read it in advance, since it will act as trigger in the discussions.

 August 2013 – Determinism and Indeterminism: From Physics to Philosophy

August 2014 – Determinism and Indeterminism: From Biology to Philosophy

August 2015 – Determinism and Indeterminism: From Neurosciences to Philosophy