Health Insurance

Universidad Austral requires that all exchange students have a health insurance with the following:

  1. First aid and transportation to a hospital or clinic
  2. Medical diagnosis and treatment
  3. Hospitalization and surgery, medical equipment
  4. Mental health treatment
  5. Dental care
  6. Treatment of chronic diseases, paramedical services
  7. Repatriation of mortal remains
  8.  Covid-19 coverage.
  9. Validity: The insurance must be valid at least from the first day you arrive in Argentina to the last day of the program.

Students with pre-existing conditions that require a special international coverage  should write  to  before applying. 

  • Rosario Campus Students: the health insurance may be international- with reimbursement- guaranteeing credit card approval for medical expenses.
  • Pilar and Buenos Aires Campus students: the health insurance must be a local one with direct coverage at the Austral University Hospital- (not via reimbursement of international health insurance) Some local health insurances are  CEMICOSDESwiss MedicalGalenoMedicus.

The University suggests the plan provided by William Hope, because it does not have any deductibles or copayments, and all medical costs are included in the monthly fee. The monthly cost for 2022 is U$D 85. For questions about the plan, please contact Fernando Ceccardi: obtain this insurance, please complete this form. 

  • Students who take courses in the Austral University Hospital Building:  must also have an additional insurance and a Specific Vaccination Plan.  (Medicine, Nursing, Nutrition, Psychology and Biomedical engineering) Please refer to the detailed requirements in the document. here 

To complete the application form, submit the following:

To be accepted at the University you must show proof of an adequate health insurance before receiving your acceptance letter.