Requisitos académicos

  • Debes tener completo al menos 4 semestres en tu universidad de origen
  • Un promedio de 2.5 (en una escala de 4.0) o el equivalente en una esclaa diferente.
  • Para no hispanoparlantes de nacimiento, se requiere un nivel de B2/C1 para poder cursar en español. Exigimos un certificado de validez internacional (ej.: DELE) con vigencia no más de 3 años antes de la aplicación.
  • Para no angloparlantes de nacimiento, un nivel mínimo de B2 (80 iBT TOEFL / 6.0 IELTS / IB Diploma / IGCSE / Cambridge FCE) es necesario para quienes realicen cursos en inglés. Exigimos un certificado de no más de 5 años de vigencia antes de la aplicación.




  • First semester (February/May – March/July): September 15th
  • Second semester (August/November – August/December) Deadline: April 15th

Coordinators nominate students in the Nomination form.



  • First semester (February/May – March/July): October 1st
  • Second semester (August/November – August/December): May 1st

Nominated students will receive an e-mail from with a link to the Austral Application Form.

Austral Learning Agreement

To apply, please complete the Austral Learning Agreement with the courses you choose,have it signed by your home coordinator for approval and upload it in the Application Form.

Health Insurance

Universidad Austral requires that all exchange students have a local health insurance.

The insurance must be valid at least from the first day you arrive in Argentina to the last day of the program.

For practical purposes, we suggest the plan provided by William Hope, because it has a complete coverage and personal assistance 24/7. The monthly cost is: U$D 85 on average. See general description here.

For details on the coverage, please download the Plan Description. To obtain the insurance, please send the application form to copying us in the email and mentioning you are an exchange student at U. Austral. The application forms are available here:

To petition for a waiver on the local health insurance requirement you must proof that your coverage includes the following:

  • Medical benefits of a minimum of USD 150,000 per accident or illness.
  • A deductible not to exceed USD 500 per accident or illness.
  • Confirmation that medical costs are covered directly by the company and that the student will not be required to file for reimbursement for amounts exceeding the deductible.
  • Repatriation of remains in a minimum amount of USD 7500.
  • No coverage limits for pre-existing conditions.
  • Coverage for mental health.
    Discounts in prescribed medication.
  • Coverage of covid treatment.

Students in Psychology, Medicine and Nursing will also need a Specific Vaccination Plan and Additional insurance due to Hospital measures: see here.


International students studying in Argentina for longer than 90 days must acquire a Student/Resident VISA for their exchange period. Students should apply through the nearest Argentine consulate as soon as they have received their letter of acceptance as the visa process may take up to three months. Students studying in a program that takes less than 90 days may remain in the country with their tourist visa.

Universidad Austral provides students with the certificates they need to get their visa.

The steps for the visa process can be found at:

Students who will stay for longer than six months in Argentina, will be asked to provide an apostilled certificate of good conduct (criminal background check) of the countries in which they have resided for more than one year during the previous three years.


Before each program begins, students must attend an orientation session which covers topics related to Austral academic rules, visa instructions, health and safety, transportation, communications, culture tips and course advising.

The orientation is mandatory, for we consider it’s part of the semester at Universidad Austral.