Lectures from the Third Interdisciplinary Research Week

We have published the videos from the open lectures of the III Interdisciplinary Research Week “Determinism and Indeterminism: from Neuroscience to Philosophy”, which took place in the Pilar Campus, on August 10-13, 2015. On Tuesday 11, Dr Carlos Blanco gave the lecture “El problema mente-cerebro y la idea de hombre” [The mind-brain problem and the idea of man]. Carlos Blanco has a degree in Chemistry and a PhD en Philosophy and in Theology. He is author to over ten books on Philosophy, Theology and Science. From 2009 to 2011 he was Visiting Fellow in the Committee on the Study of Religion of Harvard University. He is currently professor of Philosophy in the Universidad Pontificia Comillas (Madrid) and member of the Spanish Society of Leibniz and The Altius Society (Oxford).



On Wednesday 12, Dr José Ahumada wondered if the world ‘conscience” keeps making the psichologists laugh in his lecture “¿La palabra ‘conciencia’, sigue haciendo reír a los psicólogos?“. José Ahumada has a PhD in Philosophy (Universidad de La Plata) with a thesis on possibilities and limits of scientific discovery for problems resolution. He is professor of Epistemological problems at the Philosophy and Humanities Faculty of Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (UNC). He directs a research group on “Explanation in psychology and the problem of conscience” and is also member of the Academic Committee for the multi-disciplinary PhD in Neuroscience of the UNC.