Universidad Austral offers a wide range of courses in Spanish at our Campus in Pilar. These courses are open to all students, who have at least a B2/C1 level in Spanish . To find out what courses are available click on the following links or write to the emails below:


Administración de Empresas

Comunicación Social


Ingeniería Biomédica

Ingeniería en Informática

Ingeniería Industrial

Ciencia Política & Relaciones Internacionales



Medicina: sblotta@austral.edu.ar

When selecting your courses, keep in mind the following:

  • A B2/C1 level is requested for non-native students taking courses in Spanish. We require a certificate with international recognition and taken no more than 3 years before. (DELE).
  • Students may enrol in a máximum of 5 courses or complete a maximum of 15 credits/30 ECTS.
  • The first semester runs from March-July and the second semester from August-December. Note: Students taking undergraduate Spanish courses in Pilar will have final exams anytime during the first three weeks of July, if coming in the first semester, and during the first three weeks of December, if coming in the second semester. Since final exams are required to pass a course, these students should plan to stay until the last day of the corresponding final exam period.
  • Courses in Spanish are held in Pilar Campus (located 1 h 15 m from downtown Buenos Aires)
  • Students must attend at least 80% of the classes in each course.
  • The orientation days are Mandatory, and take place the week before courses begin.


Course Registration Process: In the Application Form you must load the learning agreement with a list of ten courses your university has approved. Upon acceptance, you will complete a pre-registration form so that you can mark your priorities among those ten courses.  You will be allowed to take the courses chosen in your Learning Agreement. After 5 business days, you finally register confirming your course selection to the Exchange Coordinator.