Principal Researcher: Mariano Asla

Ressearchers: Juan Francisco Franck y Soledad Paladino

Project Duration: 2019-2020

Amount Awarded: $180,000

The transhumanist program proposes the modification, via technology, of human biology, in order to strengthen our natural capacities (physical, psychological, intellectual, and moral), end illnesses, and radically extend life expectancy.

The present investigation consists of two parts. In the first, the usual division between radical and moderate TH will be analyzed (Göcke 2018). Then, a critique of both will be made in the light of Thomistic anthropology. The second part consists in the philosophical analysis of a particular transhumanist proposal, which consists in the suppression of sleep as a way of obtaining more time for active life (Istvan 2019). The results of the project will be reflected in two articles to be published in scientific journals, two papers in International Congresses, two international seminars for teachers and two dissemination talks.