Principal Investigator: Dr. Claudia E. Vanney.

Project Duration: 2010-2013.

Amount awarded: $138.871 by Agencia Nacional de Promoción Científica y Tecnológica FONCyT (PICTO Austral 38-2008).

Researchers: Dr. Gabriel Zanotti (Universidad Austral), Dr. Alejandro Clausse (Conicet, Universidad Nacional del Centro de la Provincia de Buenos Aires), Dra. Olimpia Lombardi (Conicet, Universidad de Buenos Aires), Dra. Angela Suburo (Universidad Austral)

Research Assistants: Lic. Mariano Asla (Universidad Austral), Lic. Alan Heiblum (Universidad Austral).

Abstract: The determinism of analytic mechanics, the principle of indeterminacy of quantum mechanics and the problems of predictability associated with the chaotic processes are some examples that reveal that the question about determinism remains unanswered today. This investigation aims at moving forward in the elucidation of the polemics around the existence of a possible ontological determinism, by achieving a more precise distinction between the notions related to determinism and by delving into the ontological foundations of physical theories. The goal is to explore whether determinism should be considered as a property of nature or as a consequence of the axiomatic system of physical theories. Among these, quantum mechanics will be chosen for a deeper study. Under the light of advances in contemporary philosophy of mind, the relation between determinism and freedom will also be dealt with.