Principal Investigators: Dr. Claudia E. Vanney & Dr. Juan F. FranckiStock_000029527946_Large

Project Duration: 2016-2018

Amount awarded: USD 363.964 by Templeton World Charity Foundation.

Researchers: Dr. Angela Suburo, Dr. Belén Mesurado, Dr. Mariano Asla, Dr. Gustavo Bitocchi.

Associated researchers:  Dr. Juan José Sanguineti (Università della Santa Croce), Dr. Ivana Antón (Universidad Nacional de Cuyo).

Research Assistants: Lic. Ignacio del Carril (Universidad Austral), Lic. Ayelén Sánchez (universidad Nacional del Sur)


The Brain and the Personal Self. Can advances in neuroscience enlighten the notion of person? is a three-year project led by researchers from the Philosophy Institute at Universidad Austral (Argentina).

The importance of this project is a sustained contribution to breaking down the barriers that still hinder a meaningful interdisciplinary dialogue in Argentinian academia. It includes Science-engaged philosophical and theological research, and different activities, which aim to improve the conceptual rigour among scientists and to increase empirical sophistication among philosophers and theologians.

The overall goal of the project is to foster positive, constructive, and productive engagement between neuroscientists, philosophers, and theologians in the Argentinian context. We plan to produce journal publications and a range of communications in local Argentine and international meetings. The project includes an Interdisciplinary Monthly Seminar and two Interdisciplinary Research Weeks, where scientists will engage in discussions with philosophers and theologians in an open dialogue. We also plan to disseminate the interdisciplinary discussions through lectures for scholars, and also across a broad audience through a website, a popular science book, and videos. Throughout this project we expect to produce a significant impact among scholars and in society, promoting cross-disciplinary understanding in Argentina’s academia and the creation of a network of scholars engaged in advanced interdisciplinary research.

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